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Shlomo Volkovitch, Poland

Shlomo Volkowitz was born in the village of Yegitzina in eastern Poland (today the Ukraine) to a wealthy family. In June 1941, after the German invasion of the Soviet Union, he fled to Zlotchov, where his uncle lived. He was taken with other Jews to the local prison, and ordered to remove the bodies of Ukrainians which the retreating Soviets had left behind. After concluding their job the Germans massacred the Jews, using machine guns, throwing them into the same pit of corpses. Miraculously Shlomo survived, unhurt. He stayed for a while under false identity with a Polish family in the village and worked in the fields, but left when they began to suspect him of being Jewish. He left the village and went back to his hometown, was caught by the Ukrainian police and was beaten. He fled to the police station and worked in a plant which his father managed for the larger part of the war. After liberation he was recruited for the Red Army. (8:50)