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Tushia Herzberg, Poland

Tushia Herzberg was born in Bendin, south-west Poland, to a wealthy Zionist family who owned a textile plant. Tushia’s older brother immigrated to Palestine before World War II. Tushia and his brother Alex were members of Hanoar Hazioni youth movement. They continued to be active in the movement after the German occupation. During the war, Tushia worked as a hospital nurse as well as on a farm, seeking to maintain a normal life. Her father was imprisoned in 1941, and in 1943 the inhabitants of the area were closed up in the ghetto, and some were sent to the Auschwitz death camp. Tushia and her friends joined underground activities; after several attempts to obtain weapons, which cost the lives of some of her friends, it was decided that her group should concentrate on saving lives instead of fighting. Tushia, her brother Alex, and their friends illegally crossed the border into Slovakia and Hungary, where they warned members of the youth movements of the German occupation and instructed them how to resist and use weapons. Her group was given the name, Nashe Gruppe – our group. The members of the group also took care of their members’ families, and thus Tushia managed to save her mother. (3:22)