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Shlomo Shafir, Lithuania

Shlomo Shafir was born in Germany in 1924. His mother died when he was an infant. He lived with his grandmother in a town on the Prussian-Lithuanian border. Later he moved to Kovno. During the Soviet regime Shlomo was active in organizing Bnei Zion, and editedNitzotz, the underground paper. His underground activity as editor of a Zionist paper continued throughout the German occupation in the city. Shlomo was among the men who were evacuated by ship from the Kovno ghetto to the Stutthof concentration camp, on the shores of the Baltic Sea. From Stutthof he was sent to Dachau. There too he worked as a forced laborer paving roads, and at night continued writing for Nitzotz. When the camp was evacuated Shlomo took advantage of his connections with non-Jewish prisoners in order to hide the paper’s underground archives.(5:43)