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Nisan Reznik, Poland

Nissan Reznik was born in Pinsk in 1918, and was one of the leaders of Hanoar Hazioni youth movement in his hometown in the province of Pulsia. When World War II broke out he moved to Vilna, where he became of the one leaders of the Zionist Coordination organization. In June 1941 Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union; Vilna’s Jews, murdered near Ponar, were among the first victims of the Nazis. Nissan Reznik was one of the founders of the resistance movement, Fareinikte Partisaner Organizatzie, F.P.O, (United Partisans Organization) and one of the first to call Jews to the arms. With the destruction of the ghetto in 1943, Nissan Reznik, together with other members of the underground, joined the partisans in the Narocz and Kazan forests. After the liberation he was among the organizers of Habricha in Poland and Romania. Nissan Resnick moved to Italy and continued activities in Aliyah, Habricha and taught in the refugee institutions. (4:07)