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What Was That Word ‘Shoah’?
The Memory of the Holocaust in Israeli Cultural Discourse

The exhibition reflects changes that have taken place in the Israeli public discourse about the Holocaust and Israeli society’s attitude toward Holocaust survivors. In recent years, the Holocaust has become an immovable fixture on the Israeli and Western public agenda. It figures prominently in the media discourse, creative art, and academic research.
The exhibition focuses on works from the domains of theater, cinema, literature, and the visual arts that concern the Holocaust and were created in Israel since the end of World War II. The themes that the exhibition treats include a change in perspective—from that of the host society to that of the survivors; a change in the attitude toward Holocaust survivors, from judgmentalism to empathy; a change of identity—from an Israeli identity to a Jewish identity; the transition from silence to speaking out as the first generation gave way to the second generation; and a change in values—from national lessons to universal meanings.
The central feature of the exhibit is an interactive multimedia system that is regularly updated to keep visitors abreast of events in the media and cultural discourse as they occur. By means of software developed especially for this purpose, visitors are invited to study new works and respond to current contexts and other visitors’ responses.


Photo Gallery
Multimedia station at the exhibition
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