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Shoah Commemoration Day

An amphitheater that was overflowing with a large audience took part in the annual Holocaust Remembrance and Commemoration Ceremony held, as every year in Massuah. This year the event focused on the contribution of Holocaust survivors to Israeli society. The guests of honor at the rally were Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Air Force Commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin.

The six memorial beacons were lit by retired Superintendent Naomi Shadmi, Maj. Gen. (Res.) Haim Erez, Prof. Aryeh Dorset, Prof. Shaul Ladani, Israel Prize laureate Dan Reisinger and Col. (res.) Shaya Karsit.

The actor Haim Topol lit the beacon of Revivel and Noam Semel said Kadish in Public.

The ceremony was presided over by actor Sasson Gabai and the artistic program was performed by singer Idan Amadi and the Bat Kol Choir, conducted by Anat Morag.

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