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Massuah museum Exhibitions

A collection of messuah’s Exhibitions

The museum at the heart of the Massuah campus is a bare concrete building designed in 1969 by the architect Kuba Gaver and the sculptor and designer Roda Reilinger. The positioning and shape of the building symbolize the centrality of Holocaust remembrance in Israeli society. The joints of the hexagonal structure have slots through which one can peer out.

The museum interior is composed of five levels. The memorial site, situated in the middle of the first open space, ascends to the height of the ceiling, symbolizing the world that was destroyed, the human values that Judaism bequeathed to Western civilization, and the destruction of European Jewry.

The exhibitions at the museum are designed in the form of study centers in exhibit areas. They are interactive, flowing from the concept of a museum based on the principles of the constructivist approach to education (structuring of knowledge), an outlook that is especially well suited to exhibitions meant for group visitation.

Central in the structuring-of-knowledge outlook is imparting meaning to the exhibit contents. The goal is to expose visitors to a broad spectrum of interpretations as they experience the exhibition, as they arise from their personal encounter with the material. The exhibitions stimulate visitors to step away from their familiar and entrenched thinking patterns in a way that corresponds to their ability to create new contexts.

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