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The State of Israel v. Adolf Eichmann

Six Million Accusers – the State of Israel v. Adolf Eichmann

“Six Million Accusers – the State of Israel v. Adolf Eichmann” is the main exhibition at Massuah. It concerns the Holocaust as seen through testimonies and evidence presented at the trial, which took place in Jerusalem in 1961-1962. The exhibition combines an audiovisual documentary presentation with a digital interactive multimedia system.

At the exhibition lobby, visitors are introduced to the saga of Eichmann’s capture in Buenos Aires, preparations for the trial (Bureau 06), and the local and international media impact of the trial. This section is a three-screen presentation that ushers visitors to the core of the exhibition, the Holocaust.

A visit to the exhibition combines an experiential dimension, derived from the visit proper, and a cognitive dimension: personal or group research work using an interactive multimedia system. It exposes the visitors to some 150 video clips of testimony organized around thirty distinct topics, accompanied by historical photographs and documents.

An additional interactive multimedia system reflects the attention that the trial commanded in the local and global media as the first trial that was shared with the world in direct radio and TV broadcasts and in newsreels.

This section also appears in the form of an on-line exhibition titled “The Eichmann Trial – Media Perspective”

A companion album for the exhibition is available.

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