Being Israeli

Being Israeli

A multimedia system that deals with the components of Israeli identity today in an attempt to examine the common denominator and unique characteristics of Israeli society as a multicultural society. The multimedia system developed by Massuah Institute is an educational tool for dealing with phenomena of prejudice, discrimination and racism these days.

The system is based on the assumption that identity is composed of feelings, images and ideas that derive from the local experience and form the “I”. The system enables the participant to choose the images that represent his preferences in a variety of areas from collections of images related to Israeli identity, such as: my symbol, my social commitment, my landscape, my food, my holiday, my culture hero, my music and more.

Following the student’s personal elections, a video representing his choices and a discussion was opened, led by the Institute’s staff, which includes reflection and an attempt to examine the factors that are entrenched in Israeli society.

*Available only in Hebrew

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