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Massuah Exhibitions – The Youth Aliyah

Israel as an immigrant society

The Youth Aliyah story is one of Israel as an immigrant society; it reflects the transition from a melting-pot policy to a multicultural approach.

Ever since its inception, Youth Aliyah has seen itself as a rescue enterprise and an educational project and in addition to its feats in extricating children and youth from places where their lives or liberty were at risk, Youth Aliyah established a school system for young immigrants and born Israelis from underprivileged population groups: youth groups on kibbutzim, youth villages, residential schools, and care centers. By 2015, more than 350,000 young people and children had received education under Youth Aliyah auspices!

The exhibition is divided to two parts: A multi-screen presentation retells the stories of Youth Aliyah youngsters from the 1930s to the present from the standpoint of eight alumni of different ages who represent the various periods.

The second part offers guided activity at the “Being Israeli” multimedia center, which urges visitors to investigate what defines Israelis as Israelis today, test these definitions against components of the identity of Youth Aliyah alumni in previous decades, encourage meaningful discourse on the multiple facets of Israeli society, and detect points of agreement and disagreement in contemporary Israeli society.

A companion album for the exhibition is available.

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